VA Glasschem Distillers


The new distillers for easy Volatile Acidity determinations

VA Glasschem Distillers for the determination of volatile acidity in wine and spirits 

The determination of volatile acidity in wine is one of the most frequent and important analysis in oenology. Very often, the wine industries and third-parties laboratories must perform distillations of more than one sample at a time: if a single-sample equipment is only available, the productivity is limited and quite poor. The new VA Glasschem stills with 1, 3, 4 or 6 places offer the best solution to every kind of laboratories, proposing a full choice of equipments with different productivities. The multi-sample versions allow simultaneous and very efficient distillations, with an extremely affordable price. The new design, the auto-draining system for eliminating the old wine at the end of the distillation, the high efficiency of the wine heating and the absence of gas leakages in the environment get these new instruments really unique.



Technical features:


To watch a video about the use of VA distillers, click here.