VA/SO2/OH Kombo Glasschem Distillers


The combined distillers for volatile acidity, sulphur and alcohol in wines

VA/SO2/OH Kombo Glasschem Distillers - Determination of multiple parameters in wine

The VA/SO2/OH Kombo Glasschem stills consist of a distillation unit for the alcoholic content combined with a unit for volatile acidity and 2 or 4 units  to determine the sulphur dioxide, according to the Kombo version. The VA/SO2 Kombo Glasschem distillers are certainly the ideal solution for wine industries and third-parties laboratories which must perform distillations of more parameters, simultaneously. The new design, the auto-draining system for eliminating the exhausted wine sample at the end of the distillation for volatile acidity, the flow-rate control system of the air stream for SO2, the high efficiency of the wine heating and the absence of gas leaks in the environment get these new instruments really exclusive.



Technical features:


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