NucleoCounter® SCC-100


The somatic cell count in milk samples in 3 simple steps

 NucleoCounter SCC-100 - Somatic Cells Counter

NucleoCounter® SCC-100 is based on the fluorescence microscopy and on the use of special, very practical, disposable cassettes, which dose the milk sample and put it in contact with the built-in, pre-dosed reagents; these cassettes work as calibrated reading cells. After placing the cassette inside the equipment and pressing one key only, the result appears on the display and can be printed within some seconds. The analysis is completed in just 3 simple and fast steps: introduction of the sample in the cassette, positioning of the cassette into the instrument and pressure on the "RUN" key.


  • Full compliance to FIL-IDF 148 international regulation
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability levels on every kind of milk
  • Immediate analyses, in less than 30 secondsNucleoCounter SCC-100 - Test Cassette
  • No calibration is required. Neither during the installation, nor later on
  • No maintenance or service is required
  • No need to handle and dispose carcinogenic or toxic reagents
  • Ready to start just 5 seconds after switching on
  • Compact, light and reliable
  • The operator's work is reduced to a minimum
  • Suitable to every routine, even the smallest one
  • Fast USB data exit
  • Optional thermal printer
  • Optional SomaticView® software for data handling and storing

 NucleoCounter SCC-100 somatic cells counter - Analysis

Technical features:

  • Sample volume: min. 500 μl
  • Analysis in less than 30 seconds
  • Measurement range: 10.000 ÷ 2.000.000 cells/ml
  • Power consumption: less than 25 W
  • Dimensions: 22 x 38 x 26 cm (w x d x h), without the printer
  • Weight: 3 Kg.