Astor Multi


The new multi-purpose centrifuge for dairy/food analyses
Astor Multi - Gerber, Mojonnier, Babcock centrifuge

Astor Multi is a complete centrifuge with multiple applications for dairy and food analyses, such as Gerber, Mojonnier, Babcock, dissolution test, sedimentation test and normal separations. This new equipment includes a digital regulator with wide display that allows the user to set the desired temperature of the internal chamber, to adjust the centrifugal speed and even establish a duration time; pre-set values according to the official Gerber, Mojonnier and Babcock methods are stored in unchangeable special memories, so that the operator can easily recall them. Astor Multi has been studied to ensure the highest safety standards for the operator. 2 accessory rotors and specific tube holders are available: according to the needed methods/applications, the centrifuge can be properly configurated.

Astor Multi centrifuge - Babcock method            Astor Multi centrifuge - Gerber method            Astor Multi centrifuge - Mojonnier method

Technical features:


Available accessories:          

Astor Multi - Rotor G/B/S          Astor Multi - Rotor M for Mojonnier          Astor Multi - G/S holder          Astor Multi - B holder