Astor 800/d Thermostatic Unit


The flexible solution for customized laboratory waterbaths

 Astor 800/d - Thermostatic unit for waterbaths

Astor 800/d is a thermostatic unit to be applied to water containers having different sizes, to create customized waterbaths. The digital thermoregulator ensures the selected temperature value is accurately kept. Astor 800/d is excellent for melting and thermostating culture media or for any other laboratory analysis and application.

Technical features:

  • Astor 800/d Thermostatic unit for waterbathsStove paint finished aluminium structure
  • Temperature control by means of an electronic thermal regulator
  • Digital display
  • Resolution: 0,1°C
  • Water agitating propeller for a homogeneous temperature level in the bath
  • Safety device to prevent overtemperatures due to the lack of water
  • Temperature range: from +5°C above the room value up to 100°C
  • Precision: better than 0,5°C



  • Polycarbonate tank, resistant up to 120°C, 15-liter capacity, internal sizes: 490x290x145 (h) mm
  • Polycarbonate tank, resistant up to 120°C, 8-liter capacity, internal sizes: 260x320x150 (h) mm
  • Stainless steel tube/bottle/other container holders (sizes and hole diameters to be specified)