CryoTouch 1 Cryoscope, with "lactose-free" function


Professional analysis of added water in milk and cream samples

CryoTouch 1 Cryoscope, with "lactose-free" function

CryoTouch 1 is a single-sample automatic equipment for the rapid determination of the milk cryoscopic point variation caused by added water, in full compliance with the IDF-ISO 5764:2009 international reference standard.

This next generation cryoscope includes a lot of useful features that the most recent technology allows: a full colour 7” touchscreen display, real-time visualization of the freezing curve, stable memory for more than 4,000 results, a PC software for data handling, a USB port for downloading all data to a pen drive and much more.

CryoTouch 1 allows milk laboratories and dairy industries to perform official analysis based on ISO reference method. The new “lactose-free” function helps milk and dairy industries monitor the process of removal of lactose in milk and cream.

New functions, great advantages:

  • Choice among 6 values for setting the reference value and between 2 different formula to calculate the added water %
  • Choice between 2 reading modes: plateau mode according to ISO method or fixed-time mode
  • Real-time graph of the sample temperature during each analysis
  • An alphanumeric ID code can be added to each sample, easily
  • Optional barcode reader for a quick sample identification (it requires an additional RS232 port to be requested when ordering)
  • Results shown in different colours for a quick identification of anomalies or critical values
  • New “Lactose-free milk” function to control the removal of lactose in milk and cream
  • Stable memory for 2 different calibration curves: the typical one in compliance with ISO requirements and a second one to be set according to the user’s needs (i.e.: Lactose-free curve)
  • Stable memory for up to 4,000 results
  • Easy download of test results to a USB pen drive
  • Real time PC monitoring or quick download of test results to a PC thanks to CryoSoft Touch data handling software
  • Immediate visualization of error messages


Technical characteristics:

  • CryoTouch 1 Cryoscope, with "lactose-free" functionSample capacity: single sample
  • Full colour 7” touchscreen display
  • Bath with Peltier cells controlled by software
  • Operating ambient temperature: +5°C to 36°C
  • Automatic calibration
  • Lash and agitation width controlled by software
  • Selectable °C, °Hortvet and water% units
  • Sample volume: 2 or 2.5 mL
  • Analysis duration: about 2 minutes/test
  • Warm up time: about 5 minutes
  • Resolution: ±0.0005°C
  • Reproducibility (on bovine milk): ±0.0025°C
  • USB port for data downloading to a pen drive
  • 2 x RS232 ports for connecting an optional thermal printer and a PC
  • An additional RS232 port can be added for connecting an optional barcode reader
  • Power absorption: max. 150 W
  • Dimensions: 285x485x360 mm (wxdxh, head down)
  • Net weight: 16.1 Kg


Look at the following screenshots from the new CryoSoft Touch data handling software:

CryoSoft Touch data handling software for CryoTouch cryoscopes     CryoSoft Touch data handling software for CryoTouch cryoscopes