Research, development and production: Italian excellence!

Astori Tecnica has been developing and manufacturing scientific instruments and rapid kits for the analysis of milk & dairy, food and beverage samples, for microbiological applications and other specific or generic uses in various analytical sectors for more than 50 years. Thanks to this experience, we are able to satisfy all new and emerging needs from different markets in a very quick time. The accurate choice of selected and reliable raw materials helps us design and propose innovative products for our Customers and Distributors.



No need to worry about finding our products worldwide! Our capillary sales and service network guarantees our presence in many different countries: look for our highly qualified local dealers in the "Distribution" section. Further to our own production, our portfolio includes some exclusively distributed equipment and kits which are manufactured by selected producers: these products have the same high quality, innovation level and affordability as our own items. As a result, our catalogue offers a wide range of unique solutions for all analytical laboratories.


Assistance, applications and support: top service level!

Our network of local distributors has been trained to give the best support to all end-users of our products. It means that you can find a quick and reliable service ability everywhere. In case of specific and/or particular needs, our Italian headquarters include a complete laboratory for checking, repairing, calibrating and studying special applications of all our product range. Just trust us and our local dealers: we will do our best to let you enjoy the experience of using an Astori product. Get more than your greatest expectations!