Neutralizers Test


Quick test for the determination of milk or cream adulteration for added neutralizers

 Neutralizers Test - Quick test for milk adulteration for added neutralizers 

The new Neutralizers Test manufactured by Astori Tecnica allows the immediate colorimetric determination of the presence of added neutralizers (such as NaOH, KOH, carbonates, bicarbonates, ammonia, various alkalis, etc.) in milk, whey or cream. These prohibited substances may be added to unfresh or badly preserved milk with the tricky purpose to correct its pH and acidity values to optimal ones, and so pretend the milk is freshly milked or perfectly preserved.

The test is very easy to perform: it can be done everywhere, without any particular scientific tool: the sample is poured into a supplied sample tube up to its upper mark, then 2-3 drops of a specific and ready-to-use reagent are added. A prompt colorimetric reaction shows the test result, clearly and undoubtedly.

Technical features:

  • Simple colorimetric and visual interpretation
  • Rapid test: 2 easy steps and results in less than a minute
  • It can be performed everywhere, without any laboratory
  • No need of accessories or particular abilities
  • It detects the additions of all neutralizing agents
  • 50-test kits, with a low cost/test
  • Storage at room temperature
  • Long stability: 12 months from the date of production


Easy interpretation of the results:

It is very easy to interpret the results of Neutralizers Test.

Once all the procedure steps are over, that is immediately after adding the Main Reagent into the sample tube, the sample turns vivid red or pink if any neutralizing agent is present. The colour becomes orange or brownish if no neutralizing agent has been added.


Click here and have a look at our video in English language about the use of this kit.