FosfaMilk Test - Colorimetric kit


The new semiquantitative test for the determination of alkaline phosphatase

FosfaMilk Test - Colorimetric test for checking the milk pasteurization and UHT process                    FosfaMilk Test - Strip Test during incubation time

FosfaMilk Test is a colorimetric assay based on a chemical reaction which develops between the Alkaline Phosphatase enzyme, naturally present in raw milk but absent after a correct pasteurization or UHT treatment, and a specific chromogenic substrate that allows to determine the presence of the enzyme in the sample.
The European Community commission established a residual Alkaline Phosphatase activity of 350 mU/L as the maximum acceptable level of this enzyme in correctly pasteurized/sterilized milk, according to CE 1664/2006 Regulation.
This kit has been designed for the accurate and specific determination of Alkaline Phosphatase in all kinds of milk and whey samples with a test sensitivity of 200 mU/L, without the need of micropipettes, spoons or additional chemicals or consumables, but only needing an incubator or waterbath at 37°C. FosfaMilk can also analyze cream and butter samples after a very easy pretreatment.

FosfaMilk Test - Easy and clear interpretation of resultsTechnical features:

  • Easy-to-use kit based on test strips
  • Smart format: 50-test box
  • Results within 60 minutes on milk and whey samples from every species
  • Applicable on cream and butter samples after a quick defatting process
  • No need of chemical reagents, micropipettes or dedicated consumables
  • Incubation: 1 hour at 37°C in every kind of thermostat or waterbath
  • Easy and clear interpretation of results by eye: no reading device is required
  • Semiquantitative interpretation based on the color intensity of the test strip
  • High sensitivity: 200 mU/L of Alkaline Phosphatase
  • Long shelf life: 12 months after the production date


Product data:

  • Code nr. 63095  -  FosfaMilk Test, colorimetric kit for the semiquantitative determination of alkaline phosphatase in milk, whey, cream and butter , 50 tests