Astor 20 Colony Counter


The innovative counter based on pressure impulses

Astor 20 colony counter for Petri dishes

The new Astor 20 Colony Counter is very easy to use. Thanks to its Petri dish holder, back-lit and sensitive to pressure, the enumeration of the microbial grown colonies on the agar surface can be performed by a simple and common marker. The Petri dish holder is back-lit by LED's: this new technology grants a better light diffusion, a greater reliability and a minimum power consumption (2 W, as a total).

Astor 20 does not require any particular marker, connected by a cable.

Technical features:

  • Easy-to-read display with automatic counter and Reset key
  • Acoustic signal to confirm every colony count
  • Transparent and back-lit Petri dish holder, sensitive to pressure
  • Every kind of commercial marker can be used: no need of a special one
  • Petri dishes with diameters up to 110 mm can be used
  • 90-mm Petri dish adapter included
  • Minimum power consumption: 2 W
  • It can be used either with 110 or 220 V


Optional accessory:

  • Code no. 66131 - Benchtop lens with lamp, adjustable arm