AstorClave 23 - Semiautomatic autoclave


The safe, easy-to-use and affordable bench-top autoclave for your laboratory

23-liter semiautomatic benchtop autoclave - AstorClave 23

The AstorClave 23 autoclave is an excellent solution for every laboratory, as it simplifies all sterilization processes of small sized objects and materials such as culture media, glassware, contaminated samples, etc. Its internal chamber – made in stainless steel for the easiest cleaning procedure – has a 23-liter capacity and it can be equipped with its optional stainless steel basket with handle, for a quick vertical charging, and an optional printer. The presence of a sensor for the lack of water and an automatic valve ensures the maximum safety of the equipment even in case of failures of the control system. The automatic steam release at the end of the cycle reduces the time interval between one cycle and the next one.

AstorClave 23 is suitable for sterilization cycles at 121°C and 1 atm, according to 97/23/CE European Directive.

Technical characteristics:

  • AstorClave 23 Autoclave - Front panelExternal anti-acid painted structure, made in steel
  • Backlit LCD display for controlling and handling the sterilization program
  • Vertical sterilization chamber in stainless steel, 23-liter capacity
  • Stainless steel lid with a safety and easy-to-use mechanical closure
  • Manometer for controlling the working pressure in the chamber
  • Automatic safety valve
  • Automatic steam release at the end of the cycle
  • External cock for emptying the residual water from the chamber
  • Safety adhesive on the lid to warn about high temperatures during the cycle
  • AstorClave 23 Autoclave - Optional basketSafety water lack sensor in the chamber, with manual reset
  • Sterilization time can be set and customized
  • Back-lit ON/OFF switch and warning LEDs for heating resistor and water lack
  • Perforated stainless steel basket (optional) with handle, 30x24 cm (dxh)
  • Data exit for the optional thermal printer
  • Dimensions: ext. 365x630x470 (h) mm, int. 320x320 mm (dxh)
  • Weight: 24 Kg.
  • Power supply: 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 2,100 W
  • Made in full conformity to the 97/23/CE European Directive


Product data:

  • Code no. 67523  -  AstorClave 23, 23-liter semiautomatic autoclave, without basket



  • Code no. CES67523  -  Stainless steel perforated basket with handle, 30x24 cm (dxh)
  • Code no. EP-50  -  EP-50 thermal printer
  • Various codes  -  Thermal paper roll for EP-50, data-loggers, sterilization adhesive tape, bags, etc.