Speedy Lab - Milk, cream and whey analyzer


Analyses of fat, proteins, lactose and SNF - 3 keys...1 minute...0 problems!

Speedy Lab analyzer for milk, cream and whey samples

Automatic instrument for the quick determination of the traditional contents in milk, cream and whey samples. Based on a special application of the ultrasonic technique, Speedy Lab requires no sample preparation, homogenization or heating, consumables or chemicals. Its high flexibility and reliability, along with a very competitive price, put Speedy Lab on the top of the user’s choices for the laboratory routinary dairy analyses. Excellent to cover the small and medium daily routines.

The most recent version of Speedy Lab allows direct cream and whey analysis, with improved analytical ranges and accuracy levels.


  • Analysis of fat, proteins, lactose, density and dry matter (SNF) in different kinds of milk, cream and whey samples
  • New and user-friendly interactive menu for analyses and calibrations
  • Simple calibration procedure, by keyboard or by a PC, for 3 different kinds of samples
  • Results in about 60 seconds, without the need of the operator's presence
  • Preparation, homogenization and heating of samples are unnecessary
  • No need of consumables or chemicals
  • Aspiration of the sample from every kind of container by means of a precision pump
  • Extendable sampling pipe
  • Separation of the inlet channel of the sample from the outlet one of the waste: total absence of carry-over
  • Calibration and data-handling software included
  • Certification according to Russian GOSS Institute

 Speedy Lab Analyzer

Technical features:

  • Measurement ranges and accuracy:
    • Fat: from 0.01% to 45.00% ± 0.06%
    • Lactose: from 0.01% to 6.00 ± 0.20%
    • Proteins: from 2.00% to 7.00% ± 0.15%
    • Dry matter (SNF): from 3.00% to 40.00% ± 0.15%
    • Density: from 1,015 to 1,160 Kg/m3 ± 0.3 Kg/m3
  • Sample volume: 5 mL (milk and whey); 7 mL (cream)
  • Working conditions: temperature from 10°C to 35°C; RH from 30% to 80%
  • RS232 port for the printer (the EP-50 thermal printer is sold separately)
  • USB port for PC connection
  • Power supply: 12 VDC for 110/220 AC voltage - 50/60 Hz. Car plug available upon request
  • Power consumption: 30 W
  • Dimensions: 230x230x205 (H) mm
  • Weight: 3.8 Kgs.