Stick c-GMP


Quick test for the determination of milk adulteration for added cow whey 

 Stick c-GMP kit - Quick test for the determination of added cow whey in milk samples

The Stick c-GMP’s are 3 immunochromatographic kits based on the easy-to-use test-strip format for the determination of added whey in milk and powdered milk.
The test principle is the determination of the Casein-GlycoMacroPeptide, which is present in huge amounts in whey due to the casein enzymatic degradation during the cheese manufacturing process. Not-adulterated milk does not include this substance, if not in low traces.
Stick c-GMP can detect the adulteration with a sensitivity of 1% or 2% of whey in fresh milk, or 4% in samples if they are not stored in optimal conditions.
This test is highly reliable thanks to the use of a specific antibody and can be performed in 5 minutes only, after a quick sample pre-treatment. The 3 available kit sizes differ in number and in the single/multiple package of the strips.

Technical features:

  • Reliable and specific, thanks to the “antigene-antibody” test principle
  • Very high sensitivity: 1% or 2% of whey in properly-stored milk (4%, otherwise)
  • Sensitivity level at user’s choice, according to the sample dilution rate
  • Results in 5 minutes and very easy procedure
  • It can be applied to milk and to powdered milk samples
  • All strip-tests can be stored at room temperature (2° – 30°C)
  • Interpretation by eye: no need of special equipments to read the results
  • Easy interpretation, thanks to the different coloured lines (Control: blue – Positive: red)
  • Three different kit formats are available: 5 individually sealed strips, 50 strips in a tube, 50 individually sealed strips